Your Rights and the Rules and Regulations of Debt Collection

Your creditors have the right to contact you and collect any unpaid amount that you owe. They can contact you through a phone call, letter, or by visiting you at your home. However, creditors or debt collectors must follow set guidelines stipulated under the law when trying to collect debts.

Thus, it is important that you understand your rights and the rules and regulations dictated by law for debt collection process.

Rules and Regulations for Collecting Debts

Almost all creditors follow certain rules that apply when pursuing debt payments. However, there are situations where some of these guidelines are taken for granted. Most of the time, you might feel uncertain whether your actions are legally appropriate. Either you feel unsure to stand firm with what you believe is right because you might not be in the position to do so, or you might be worried for those who are considered vulnerable individuals that are in debt.

We can assist you in helping you understand your rights when dealing with your debts and on how you can apply your rights to any circumstances that may occur concerning your debt. Besides, if you feel being treated unfairly by creditors or debt collectors, you may find out how you can file for a complaint.

You can also refer to the options below, should need to find out on the regulations regarding debt collection:

CPA or Continuous Payment Authority: Canceling Recurring Payment

Breathing Space

Right Treatment for  Vulnerable Debtors

Chargeback Claim

  • Qualification and entitlement
  • Debit or credit card chargeback
  • Complaining of rejected chargeback request

Irresponsible lending

Regulatory Bodies

  • The Financial Conduct Authority
  • Types of debts which aren’t regulated

Legal Advice About Your Debts

Debt vs. Public Information

  • Insolvency debt solutions and public information
  • Who can see your credit file

Debt and Imprisonment

Debt Disputes

Debts Not In Your Name

  • Scenarios to consider when you’re being chased for someone else’s debt

Complaint Against A Creditor or Supplier

Consumer Credit Act

  • Types of debt which are not regulated by the Consumer Credit Act
  • Types of debt regulated by the Consumer Credit Act

Creditors Harassing You

Creditors to Freeze Interest and Charges

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