What Should I Do With My Parking Fines?

Police or local council can issue various types of parking penalties for certain traffic offenses. Police or local council can issue various types of parking penalties for certain traffic offenses. The enforcement of fines depends on who issued it. Moreover, when you get parking fines, you must use the details on your notice to suffice payment. If you pay before the allotted date, there’s a chance to reduce the amount you’ll be paying. This means that the longer it takes you to pay the fine the larger it will costs.

Types of Parking Fines

Below are the three of the common traffic penalties:

Fixed Penalty Notice or FPN 

Fixed Penalty Notice or FPN is issued by the police mostly for parking offenses. Also, it is issued for dangerous driving and other minor offenses. Points can be added to your license along with monetary penalties. In Northern Ireland, you will have 21 days to pay for the fine while 28 days for England and Wales.

IF you hinder to pay within this period, the magistrates’ court will issue a summon and increase you fine. For you to appeal, you need to go attend a court hearing.

Penalty Charge Notice or PCN

Penalty Charge Notice or PCN is issued by the local authority traffic wardens for parking offenses and other driving violations. If you do not pay your PCN, the amount may get bigger and may be registered in the county court.

Moreover, the local authority can use the service of bailiffs or enforcement agents to collect the amount you owe. Since bailiffs are involved extra costs will be added for you to pay. If you wish to appeal for a PCN, you may escalate to the council and progress through formal tribunal proceedings.


Invoices are dispensed by private companies for parking on private property. These are issued for remaining in supermarkets, or other private car lots for a long time. The parking company will draft a letter to you and may petition for a County Court judgment if you do not pay the fine. Before these companies clamp cars. However, this is no longer practice since 2012, where it’s deemed illegal.

Can I challenge my penalty notice when it’s unfair?

If you think that the fine you’ve been issued is wrong, you can challenge and appeal.

Before starting your claim, you need to examine what makes the penalty unfair.

You also have to collect evidence that confirms your claim, such as receipts. If you did park close a meter, take a photo of your car close to the meter, and the date and time on the meter.

Once you’ve collected this proof, you have to send your petition through a letter to the address on your parking fine ticket, through a parking enforcer’s website.

Your appeal letter must include:

  • Your address
  • The date of the offense
  • Your vehicle registration number
  • The PCN number 
  • The reason for the appeal and why you consider it’s been issued unreasonably
  • All indication that can strengthen your appeal

How to write my appeal letter?

It’s especially crucial that you definitely know your point in your appeal letter. Thus, you need to:

  1. Justify the reason for writing the letter, ensure your reference PCN number, the date, time and location of the fine
  2. Describe the cause of why the parking fine was dispensed 
  3. Give logical reasons why you’re opposing the fine. 

Some examples to justify your appeal are:

  • unclear or inaccurate road signs
  • you weren’t running the vehicle at the time fine was issued
  • the vehicle wasn’t yours at that time
  • the violation was done by the former owner wherein you will require confirmation of ownership from the DVLA.
  • You have confirmation or proof that you were permitted to park in a particular area or space within the period the fine was issued
  • You hold a Blue Badge due to a disability, and were authorized to park in the space for which you got the fine 
  • Mitigating factors, such as parking on a double line because of life-threatening reasons. 

Your must forward or submit your appeal within 14 days from the day it was issued. Accomplishing this will provide adequate time to repay a diminished fine if your petition is renounced. However, this won’t ensure that your request will be triumphant.

What’s the distinction between a penalty charge notice and a parking charge notice?

Your local council issues the penalty charge notice. They’re frequently mistaken with private parking invoices or Parking Charge Notice. The primary distinction is that a ‘genuine’ Penalty Charge Notice can be executed with bailiffs if it’s not paid. A private parking operator is not authorized to issue bailiffs, although they can recover the debt through County Court to administer for a County Court Judgment against you.