What is MAP or Minimal Asset Process Bankruptcy?

This Debt Solution is Available For Residents of Scotland Only

The Minimal Asset Bankruptcy or MAP is the process of applying for bankruptcy when you have low income or zero to few assets. It allows you to write off your debt when you can barely cope up in repaying your debts as they become overdue.

MAP is not available if you’re living in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. A similar solution to MAP is the form or a DRO or debt relief order.

Qualifying for Minimal Asset Process or MAP

To be eligible to apply for MAP, you have to meet the following standards:

  • You must reside in Scotland for at least 12 months
  • Your car should not cost more than £3,000
  • Your assets should not be valued over £2,000 in total (Single item value should not go beyond £1,000)
  • You do not own a home
  • You have not been in sequestration for the last five years
  • Your debts are amounting from £1,500 to £25,000 (this limit has been raised from £17,000 until at least the end of September 2020)
  • Your income source is associated with benefits such as a JSA
  • You do not have any surplus or disposable income left after meeting the essential living costs

The MAP Application Process

The MAP Application Process £50, at least until the end of September 2020 as declared by the Scottish Government. No payment will be due for those getting special benefits, as long as those privileges are not your sole revenue. You are required to obtain guidance from an accredited money advice organisation like us. This means you can’t qualify unless you consider this requirement.

We can assist in determining if MAP bankruptcy is the most beneficial alternative for you. If it is, you have to send us details concerning your income and expenses.

Also, you should be conscious that with MAP bankruptcy your information will be appended to the Register of Insolvencies for five years.


What debts are covered in MAP bankruptcy?

Most debts are covered in MAP bankruptcy. Though some are not such as criminal fines, court fines, child maintenance arrears, etc. You will have to pay continually the debts that are not included.

What results once my MAP bankruptcy is conferred?

If your appeal is granted and you proceed to satisfy the requirements of MAP bankruptcy, you will usually be discharged six months after the bankruptcy was granted. 

Can my creditors contact me?

If your MAP bankruptcy has been accepted, creditors involved in the bankruptcy are prohibited to contact you in any way and are prevented to seek further legal action to recover the debt.

What are the restrictions on MAP?

After your discharge, which happens six months on MAP, it will need an additional six months to achieve MAP completion. During this time, you’ll still beneath several constraints. Failure to comply with these restrictions can be considered an offence, which could result in a fine or in exceptional circumstances – imprisonment.

What more does MAP bankruptcy affect?

MAP bankruptcy may influence you in different ways, it can possibly include:

  • Your bank account –  your bank account may be frozen or closed
  • Your job or career – depending on the role or function that you perform, MAP ay affect your job. To find out, you must check your contract or ask your HR confidentially.
  • Your residence –  some individual landlords may evict renters if they go insolvent, particularly if they have arrears.
  • Your self-employment – If you’re self-employed, MAP bankruptcy can probably affect your ability to trade, particularly if you’re utilizing credit to pay for stock or services.

Does MAP bankruptcy affect my credit record?

Similar to the other sorts of insolvency, MAP bankruptcy can affect your credit file. Once your MAP bankruptcy is granted, the details are visible in your credit file for six years, making it difficult for you to take loans or credit in the future.

Can you help me with MAP bankruptcy?

If you’d like to determine if MAP bankruptcy is the best debt relief for you, you can contact us or use our debt advice tool to get free and impartial advice regarding your situation.