Tips on How to Reduce Your Spending

One way to meet your debt payments is to reduce your spending. Reducing your expenses and finding ways to save money can help improve your situation.

Regardless of whether your budget is sufficient, cutting back on your expenses and shifting to cheaper services or products can help you improve your finance even more. Following are some of the tips that you can consider in reducing your expenses:

Cheaper Utility Providers

You can check whether you can save more when switching to other suppliers or providers. There are ways on how you can save on your gas and electric bills as well as on your water bills. Check whether shifting to other providers can save you more money over the year period. To do this, we suggest using a switching service that is regulated by Ofgem

Reducing Telephone, Mobile and Internet Bills

You can check your contract and see which areas you can save on your telephone, mobile and internet consumption. Try to find ways to get a better deal that can help you save expenses on these bills. Say for instance, if you’re separately paying for your phone services and TV separately, see if you can get package deals from other providers at more affordable costs.

Cutting Back on Food, Toiletries, Cleaning Budget

Scrutinize your food, toiletries, and cleaning budget and see if you can switch to a more affordable product or brand. Also, check which areas you can trim or eliminate. You can also take advantage of promos and discounts and other special offers. When buying the things you need, we suggest making a list and sticking to it. This way, you can avoid spending beyond your budget.

Options to Reduce Satellite TV Costs

Communicate with your supplier for the available options or possibilities to reduce your subscription to the least package. You might also try switching to a free supplier instead.

Making Own Meals to Work

Make it a habit to bring your own pack meals at work rather than buying one in the pantry area or a cafe. Home cook meals are much cheaper and nutritious.

Selling Vehicles

If your car or vehicle is not essential you can seel it rather than spending more on gas and maintenance. Before you do, try to check some factors and see if taking public transport will save you more rather than using your car.

Insurance Package

Review to discern if each of your insurance packages are essential. Once you’ve found out that all are necessary, you can check websites that allows you to compare insurance packages and deals. This allows you to switch to a better deal if you found one.


You can save money through Pre-Payments Prescription Certificate or PPC. This is necessary if you’re buying several prescriptions per month.

Saving on Clothing and Footwear

Clothing and footwear are not really essentials if you have enough that you can use. Should you need one, you can check charity shops to minimize the costs rather than buying a brand new one.

Cutting or Eliminating the Non-Essentials Goods or Items

It s best you create and list down all your expenses. You can group them into two: essentials and non-essentials. This helps you determine which expenses you can live without and which one is necessary.

Help in Reducing My Spending to Pay off Debts

If you’re exhausted on how you can wipe out your debts, we can help. To reduce your spending, you need to come up with a realistic budget that is tailored fit for your needs and income.

You can use our debt advice tool for free, or call us to speak with our debt experts for free debt help and advice.