Sample Letters to Your Creditors

If you find it hard on how to write to your creditors, you can refer to our sample letters below. By writing to your creditors, you can ask for a temporary payment arrangement, make a complaint, apply for a redetermination of your CCJ, and a lot more.

We also have a guide about court claims and processes and court forms to which you can refer.

Financial Help To Cushion the Impact Of COVID-19 Pandemic

Several measures are considered to assist individuals who are coping with the effects of COVID-19 or Coronavirus Pandemic to their finances. These include payment breaks on mortgage and payment holidays for some unsecured debts and moratorium extension for residents in Scotland.

You may also read our guide: Financial Help Available During Coronavirus Pandemic and Payments for Car Loans and Finance During Coronavirus Outbreak.

Unable to Pay the Agreed Amount and Terms of Payment

If you ‘re unable to pay for the agreed payment and terms, there’s a way that you inform your creditors formally about your current financial difficulties and let them know that you are getting debt advice.

So, while your plan is being drafted, you can inform your creditors ahead of time and inform them that you’ll be managing your debts through a debt management plan.

Letter informing your creditors about your debt advice initiative


Holding letter to hold off debt payments for a short period

If you wish to have your payment on hold for a short period through an arrangement with your creditors, you can write a letter drafted as follows:

Letter for temporary debt arrangement

When you can’t afford paying arrears but will pay each month

Now is you’re currently on debt management plan or have taken debt advice but cannot afford to pay off your arrears entirely, you may offer a part of your arrears on top of your standard payment instead. The amount that you can afford must be included in your letter.

Sample letter:Letter telling your creditor you can’t afford paying your arrears

Letter when you can’t afford your CCJ

If you have received a CCJ where payments are set to an amount you cannot afford to pay, you can request or apply to reconsider the judgment.

This request or appeal is known as redetermination. This can only be available if you returned your initial claim forms within the given period and was able to receive a response from the court.

The request has to be done within 16 days of the receipt of judgment; otherwise, you’ll need to apply using the N245 form plus the fees along with your application.

The sample letter belong applies to the residents of England, and Wales:

Sample letter: request to redetermine a CCJ


Obtaining Information from Creditors and Disputing Debts

For types of debts regulated by the CCA or Consumer credit Act, you have the legal rights to obtain a copy of the terms and conditions as well as payment records or history.

These debts are mostly your consumer credit debts, personal loans, store cards catalogue debts, and HPA or hire purchase agreement. The fee in requesting such information may be around £1.

Right to Information Request


In case the creditor hasn’t supplied the information or details you requested, the court will consider the debt unenforceable. When the debt is termed as unenforceable, your creditor may not take court actions to compel you in paying your debts. However, this does not mean that you can ignore your debts.

Confirming If Debt is Statute Barred

If you’re a resident of England, Wales, or Northern Ireland, you can check whether your debt is statute barred. A debt that is statute barred means its unenforceable because the time for creditors to file court actions has passed the limit period. For you to confirm with the status of your debt, you can write to your creditor to check on the details. If you need further help contact us on 0800 193 1024.

Authorizing someone to speak to Debt.or.uk about your debts

Dealing with your creditors to arrange payments or appeal requests for your debts might be too much to bear. However, you don’t have to deal with this all by yourself. You can also authorize someone to speak to us on your behalf. This happens if you find yourself incapable to handle your debts or if you’re dealing with debts inside prison. We can give you debt advice for any issues related to your debts. Besides, if you need further advice on:

  • dealing with creditors harassing you
  • reducing creditors calls and debt follow ups
  • stopping automatic and recurring payments
  • request letter for appropriation rights
  • letter appealing to cancel constant and regular payments
  • letter to cancel CPA
  • Debt settlements with creditors
  • final settlement offer

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