How to Create a Budget and Save Money

Budget is a list of your income and expenses each month. It is the best way to take control of your finances and getting back on your feet.

Most people may not be as much open as others when it comes to budgeting. To those who haven’t feel the weight of paying their monthly debt, the word budget may be unnecessary as they think. The fact is, the budget can be the most suitable vehicle towards eliminating your debt. Besides, aside from becoming debt-free, it can be a powerful tool in achieving more stable finance.

Once you have created a budget, you will have a clear view on monitoring both your income and expenses. It can help you satisfy all the essential costs and determine areas that you can cut back to secure savings. Budgeting is best done every month since most household bills and debts are being paid every month.

Tips in Creating a Budget

If you are concerned about how and where to start with your budget. Give us a call on  0800 193 1024. We will help you create a free and personalized budget based on your needs.

Calculate Your Income

All the money you got each month from all other sources has to be added together. These can be from your wages, benefits and other sources. if you have income paid weekly, you can just calculate it on how much it will total for a month.

Monitor Your Spending

You have to check into your expenses and write down how much you need to suffice the essential living costs. You also have to keep track of your spending especially when it’s not deemed necessary. As much as possible, just spend on what you can afford and live within your means.

Work with Your Disposable Income

After satisfying the essential costs and other bills along with any debts, check whether how much you have left or how much budget surplus you got each month. if you did not get any due to unnecessary spending, you’ll likely to get a budget deficit.

FAQs on Budgeting

Can I save money through budgeting?

Once you’ve determined how much is your total income and expenses each month, it will be easy for you to determine where you can cut back on your budget. Besides that, you can also check this guide to help you save more:

How do I create a budget each month?

Though your earnings and regular bills aren’t compensated monthly, a great idea to have a precise knowledge of your finances is to work out a monthly budget.

If you understand the computation of your annual bill or your salary is, divide that result by 12. Don’t neglect to determine your council tax accurately – it’s normally advertised beyond 10 months of the year. To know how much you need to put aside for the amount you need to save for your council tax, multiply the recurrent payment by 10, then divide by 12. You can check on the guide about  income and expenditure statement to create your budget each month.

How do I create a budget for debt payments?

For you to create a budget you need details regarding your:

  • Income – this are your wages, benefits, state pensions, and other sources that you can get paid
  • Spending – You have to check how much you needed each month
  • Debts – Look into your debt payments and sum up how much will it costs you each month

Where to get help and advice in building my budget?

You can use our debt advice tool or contact us and speak to our finance experts. We will help you in creating a realistic budget tailored fit on your needs. We keep everything confidential. Should you wish to speak via phone, call us on 0800 193 1024