How Divorce and Separation Affects Debts

Divorce and separation do not only affect relationships but finances as well. The truth is, many couples did not recognize the financial consequences when ending their marriage. Without any expectation, you shouldn’t be with someone just for money sake. However, understanding the impact on your finances that you might be facing if in case you call for a quit is a must.

Any joint debts will have a joint and several liability. So, if any of you cannot meet debt payments for your joint debts, one will have to pay for the entire amount.

On the contrary, if the debts are not in joint names, you can secure a notice of disassociation. This allows you to be disconnected with matters concerning finances, which may affect your credit file. You may have to reach out to the credit reference agencies who can disassociate your name from your ex-partner’s credit file.

How Divorce or Separation Housing and Income?

If you and your partner are renting the same property, you have to request your landlord to transfer the tenancy agreement under your name. In the case of a joint mortgage, you need to seek legal advice considering it involves legal matters.

Moreover, if in case you parted ways, leaving you the only adult in the household or property, you can seek qualifying for a 25% council tax discount. You must try to check means where you can save money as divorce or separation is likely to change your financial circumstances. This can alter your benefit entitlement and possibly other sources of income.

How Divorce or Separation Affects Your Children?

Separation or divorce can be difficult for your kids. You and your ex-partner have to arrange agreement about child support maintenance through family-based agreement or CSA or CMS.

Help and Advice with Divorce

You can get impartial divorce advice from an independent organization in the UK called Divorce Aid.

Separation, as you thought of it, can greatly affect the overall aspect of your household income. This can reduce income making it hard for you to manage bills month after month when you failed to save for the rainy days.

Available Help during Tough Times

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