Gambling and Debts: How to Manage My Money?

If you have gambling issues, the more it can be hard for you to deal with your debts. The same as alcohol abuse and drug addiction, gambling can rip your finances. You are likely to rely on getting credits or loans to gamble. This can make your debts grow month after month. Besides, a person who gambles may chase debt payments by gambling even more with a hope to recover what was lost.

However, it is never too late. We can help you get your debts under control. You must also seek support to stop your gambling addiction; so we can truly provide you with the debt help that you deserve.

Warning Signs of Gambling

There are warning signs that can help you to put your gambling behind. This should serve as your wake up call to avoid further debt due to gambling addiction.

  • Missing payments to priority bills or other debts due to money spent in gambling
  • Using credit card or overdraft in gambling
  • Gambling to win money for debt payments

If these things are happening to you, it’s urgent to get debt advice. Your problems with gambling and debts have to be dealt with at the same time.

How to Deal with Gambling Addiction

To manage your gambling problems, we suggest that you seek expert measures. One of which methods may help you get through and eventually stop gambling addiction.

Speak to a GP

You can start by reaching out to your NHS GP. This can help you handle your gambling addiction, especially if it influences your mood and health. Your GP can recommend alternatives that can help you handle your situation. You might be referred to a cognitive behavioural therapy, which is known to be widely helpful for people with gambling issues.

Seek for Support and Counselling

You can speak to someone confidentially by contacting GamCare. They provide counselling and aid over the phone all days of the week between 8 AM till midnight. You can call on 0808 8020 133 to speak to their trained advisors who can get you in contact with face-to-face counselling assistance in your area.

Peer Support Groups

You may also try getting into confidential support groups such as Gamblers Anonymous or SMART Recovery. You can also find other peer support group in your area through your GP or by asking GamCare.

Loved ones with gambling problems

If someone dear to you becomes addicted to gambling, it can impact you and your finances. Attempt to support them to take advice to manage both gambling and debt issues.

If you’re trying to cope with someone else’s problems on gambling and debts, seek specialist advice. This will guarantee you’re investing effort for your loved one while making sure that you’re in a good state simultaneously.

GamCare gives intimate care and advice for loved ones with gambling issues. You can contact by phone on 0808 8020 133. They’re available all days of the week,24 hours a day.

Gam-Anon encompasses routine peer support groups for loved ones of individual’s with gambling dilemmas. These conferences provide you with an opportunity to partake your circumstances privately with other individuals alike.

Getting Help with Debt Problems

We can help you in dealing with your debt problems under control. Whether your debts are a result of your gambling addiction or other financial circumstances, we can give you practical means and alternatives to resolve it.

We’ve helped over 85,889 people in 2019 who worked out a plan to sort their debts out. This includes people with problems related to gambling.

Call us on  0800 193 1024 or use our free and confidential online debt advice tool