Dealing with Debt and Promoting Health

Your health is an important factor that is taken for granted especially for people who deals with other problems and shortcomings. For someone who set focus on prioritizing finances, health should also be taken into account. When health is compromised, it can also affect your finances, and add up to your existing debt problems.

Getting sick may result to reduced hours at work or may lead to unemployment. This can affect your income and could make expenses more manageable. This can happen especially when you don’t set aside any money for emergencies. Whether you or anyone from your household gets sick, it can impact how you cope up with the unexpected expenses and consequences.

With COVID-19 or coronavirus outbreak affecting the people’s health and finances, financial help is available. If you’re struggling on how you can deal with the changes in your finances, do not hesitate to seek debt advice. You can also check the NHS website if you are concerned with the COVID-19 pandemic.

Furthermore, apart from the physical illness or injuries that you might possibly suffer. Mental illness can also occur at some point. Debt problems can mostly result in depression and anxiety that could lead to serious mental illness. This can make a person vulnerable

If you’re dealing with health problems, you can arrange terms with your creditors. You can sen them a DMHEF or Debt and mental health evidence form. This has to be completed by a health care practitioner or professional care worker.

Additionally, debt and addiction to drugs and substances abuse as well as gambling can also be associated in some ways or the other. You can check the following guide to get some more information:

What to do if my health changes?

The faster you act to a shift in your health or any members of your household the easier and more manageable it can be. Also, you can check for:

Benefit Entitlement

You may qualify for a Statutory Sick Pay or Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefit

Council Tax or Housing Benefit

Check your local authority and get in touch with council tax to find out if they can offer help

Government Mortgage Help

Check if you can qualify for help in terms of mortgage payments

Payment Protection on Debts

Check whether you are covered based on your illness

Independence Payment or PIP

If you have a long-term sickness or disease you must consider applying for it

What can I do if my health is affected by Debt

Whatever your circumstances are, for as long as it relates to debt, we can help. Our online advice tool can give you impartial debt advice to effectively deal with whatever situation. You can also call us and consult our debt experts regarding your predicament.

The Different Debt Management Solutions

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