Dealing with addiction as it leads to serious debt problems

Drug addiction and alcohol abuse implies financial loss

Addiction to drugs or alcohol can result in several overwhelming consequences. Aside from ruining your health, it implies damage to your career, relationships, and finances. A person who dwells on substance abuse or alcohol may not find it harmless to borrow money. Also when it comes to spending savings, or disposing valuable possessions just to finance an addiction. This is because it is common for addicts to take drastic financial decisions, such as maxing out a credit card. When consumed with addiction, a person knows no limit to acquire resources, like a second mortgage just to fund their addiction.

Though even after healing mentally, emotionally, or physically from addiction and alcohol abuse, financial loss or consequences may be endured for years. So, if you’re struggling with both addiction and debts, you must need to take initiative in dealing with both issues. As you try to cope up with getting rid of your addiction, the easier you can progress in eliminating your debt.

The solution to your debt problems

Due to the current outbreak, it is not uncommon for everyone to see how their income slowly evaporates. Your hours might have cut, and you’re no longer earning as much as you usually do. While you’re still lucky to keep your job, there are several who had been laid off from work. Besides, you’ve seen how you’re savings reduced, and without any measures to cushion your finances. However, despite the dwindling situation, help is always available.

We can assist you on how you can effectively deal with your debts. We offer the best options that can help you bring extra money during the coronavirus outbreak by planning together an efficient budget to keep your debts under control. Our financial experts can make it easier for you to recover from your financial loss.

The solution to your addiction

Since drug addiction and alcohol impacts your finances, we recommend getting professional advice from a GP as a starting point. By doing so, your GP will refer you to the available support o services that you need in your location.

If you prefer to keep things more private or confidential, you can call on 0300 123 6600, where you can reach the national drugs helpline Frank, which is available 24 hours in all days of the week. In cases of alcohol abuse, you can contact 0300 12 1110 or the alcohol helpline Drinkline that is open on weekdays from 9 AM to 8 PM, and on Saturdays and Sundays, between 11 AM to 4 PM. All these mentioned contacts are free of charge either through landline or mobile.

Helping a friend or a family member to overcome addiction and debt

Having a close friend or family who’s struggling with both debt and addiction, can be devastating on your finances too. In this case, you have to seek advice from finance experts to guarantee that you’re in control of the situation.

The helplines for drug addiction (Frank) and alcohol abuse (Drinkline) gives you support and advice, which can help you look after your loved ones.

In contrast, if you are in a battle to knock-down your own debts, you may contact us and let us help you with your debt problems.