Child Support Arrears: Dealing with Child Support Payments?

You might be struggling with debt payments despite the coronavirus pandemic while servicing child maintenance or child support payments.

If you are trying to cope up with both your debts and child support payments, we will give you useful tips on how you can deal with debts and manage your situation efficiently.

What Happens If My Child Support Payments Are Piled Up?

If you haven’t been diligent in paying child maintenance or support, you must reach out to the CSA or CMS the soonest as possible. If you’re in difficult times making payments or when you missed payments, they will work with you to help you with your concern. You can ask for the contact details in your local office or to the letters that they’ve sent you.

What Happens If I Ignore Child Support Payments?

You will suffer serious consequences when you ignore your obligation towards child maintenance. The Child Support Agency or CSA or Child Maintenance Service or CMS holds the authority to deduct any arrears and succeeding payments directly to your wage or bank account. Also, they possess a broad jurisdiction in terms of legalities. This can even lead you to jail if you refuse to pay.

Though it can’t be voided that there are unexpected circumstances that may arise. However, you must maintain communication and be on top of your responsibility as a parent. This means you have ensured payments on child support before prioritizing your unsecured debts.

Moreover, if you fail to pay the amount that you owe or try to settle for arrangements with the CSA or CMS, they can file for a liability order against you. This means that further court action can be enforced to recover what you owe.

When on a family-based child support agreement, you may need to reach out to your partner and explain your current financial struggle. There might be a chance that you both can come up with an interim arrangement in place until you can get back on your feet and follow the original payment arrangement. In fact, there are child support options that can help you in dealing with your child maintenance arrears.

Options Available to Support Your Child

There are several ways you can do to sustain child maintenance rather than going to CSA or CMS. One way is through a family-based arrangement. In this setting, you and your ex-partner have to decide on how you can both manage the support that your child needs:

  • Making payment each month

Since you can no longer afford the original agreement, you can your x-partner can decide what could be realistic for your budget this time. You can set an arrangement that when you get back on track with your finance, you’ll resume in giving the same amount.

  • Directly paying for items

You can pay needs straight away like uniforms or field trips. This can be a way to sustain your child’s needs rather than paying each month. So, each month wherein you have less, these expenses wouldn’t rip you off.

  • Paying every month and directly paying for certain items

You both can decide to combine the two options if both works best for you.

Things You Must Know

  1. The government included expenses in 2014 for arranging new adjustments on the payments through CMS. To shun these costs propose arranging with your ex-partner to proceed to a family-based arrangement.
  2. If you’re getting child support it won’t alter any benefits you’re getting but you must notify the Jobcentre Plus regarding it.
  3. If you’ve gained arrears or coping with your family-based arrangement talk to your ex-partner and attempt to discuss matters concerning a family-based arrangement.
  4. The CSA will commence ending current arrangements over the next two years from 2016. Each one with an arrangement by the CSA will be given a letter clarifying the agreement. They will have to set up a new arrangement. Where likely they’ll be prompted to make a family-based arrangement. Unable to do such will need to refer to the Child Maintenance Service.

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