Can My Creditor Find Me If I Ignore My Debt?

It might have crossed your mind on what will happen if you ignore your creditors and avoid your debts. Are your creditors going to stop chasing you for debt payments? Are they just going to give up?

We highly suggest that you do not entertain the idea of avoiding your debts, hoping that your creditors will just forget about it and stop chasing you for the money that you owe.

How will My Creditor Find Me If I Avoid them?

When you apply for credit, you are asked to provide details and documents required. The details held about you can be used to find you easily. This is the reason why it’s very impossible to avoid your debts. Eventually, your records are all in your credit report.

Moreover, your credit record does not only include loans and cards. It includes your phone contracts, an insurance policy may it be for your vehicle or others, bank accounts, and selected utility companies. Your details or information are being shared with credit reference agencies. These details include your address and other pertinent information concerning your identity. So, if you intend to avoid debts, you might need to shun from using unrealistic products and patronizing unessential stuff.

In fact, credit reference agencies has all your addresses in the record as well as the other names that you are known of. So, regardless of a transfer of location or starting a new name, you still can’t escape your debts.

Your creditors can also hire an agent that is tasked to find you. In fact, some collection agencies offer this kind of service.

Can My Creditor Find Me If I Move Abroad?

Well, in this case, moving outside the country can be difficult for your creditor to locate where you are. However, this is not an assurance that they will stop chasing you for debt payments. Your creditors might have a branch in the country where you are situated. This is because large debt companies usually trade in different countries and locations.

Additional Information:

When your creditor takes you to court in the UK, the proceedings can be transferred to other European countries. Even in your absence, they could make you insolvent, depending on where you moved to. This can affect the assets that you have in that country instead.

Conversely, if you moving abroad is temporary, you can return to UK with a debt situation that is difficult to deal with. However, help is available, you may read our post on how you can deal with debts from abroad.

Websites Offering Debt Help

Some websites offer ways for you to avoid paying your creditors. Some of the means they suggest is sending a series of 3 letters, which may convey an idea to your creditor not to consider any legal action against you. You might be surprised as most of this website uses legal terminologies or language with a tempting offer making the solution appealing to you.

Well, if you are tempted with the offer from this website, we recommend that you reach out to us, so we can help you with free debt help. We will give you a sound judgment and facts.

In reality, the solutions offered from these websites don’t work. It can only make your situation worst. In the long run, you might regret not contacting us for free debt help.

What Is the Right Thing To Do With My Debts?

It’s normal to feel stress out with your debts. However, you should maintain composure and find ways on how you can deal with the situation. Some ways can help you get rid of your debts.

Even if you’re in bankruptcy, still there are ways on how you can attain financial freedom in the future. You should not avoid your debts and ignore your creditors.

If you are confused and stress out with your debts, we can help you with the best debt management plan.  Should you wish to speak via phone, call us on  0800 193 1024 or use our free debt advice tool.