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Customised UK Debt Help Services

Join over 85,889 people in 2019 who worked out a plan to sort their debts out.

Everybody has a unique financial situation.

Regardless of your predicament, Debt.org.uk will offer guidance and advise a strategy that is customised to you.

Debt.org.uk will work with you to calculate your budget based on your finances. From there, our expert staff will suggest a plan that suits you perfectly.

This way, you can cope with your debt and get on with the rest of your life.

How we help you

IVA (Individual Voluntary Arrangement)

An IVA is an formal and legal agreement you have with your creditors.  With IVAs, you pay back a fixed amount each month, to cover your debts for five to seven years — based on the average amount of cash you have each month.

Assuming you honour the IVA repayments, your outstanding debts will be cleared within five to seven years.

DPP (Debt Payment Programme)

As part of the DAS (Debt Arrangement Scheme) rolled out by the government in Scotland, a DPP allows you to pay your debts back by making small payments each month.

With DPPs, you make fixed monthly repayments, based on the average amount of cash you have each month. These repayments are distributed among your creditors.

Declaring Bankruptcy

You can declare yourself bankrupt if you can not repay your debts within a reasonable timeframe.

You have to pay £680 upfront, then a fixed payment each month for a year – based on the average amount of cash you have each month.

PTD (Protected Scottish Trust Deed)

A PTD is an agreement you have with your creditors.

With PTDs (Trust Deeds in Scotland), you make fixed repayments each month to cover your debts for three to four years — based on the average amount of cash you have each month.

Once you complete your PTD within three to four years, your creditors will write off the outstanding debt.

MAP (Minimal Asset Process)

MAP is a legal process for Scottish residents if you can not repay your debts within a reasonable timeframe. It is designed for people on low incomes, who do not have many assets.

You make a £90 payment upfront, then you don’t have to make any further repayments. If you satisfy the criteria, your debts will be written off within six months.

DRO (Debt Relief Order)

A DRO allows you write off your debts, if your level of debt is low and you don’t have many assets. Once you qualify to receive a DRO, a payment of £90 is required upfront, and you do not have to repay the debts featured in the plan for a year.

When this period ends, if your financial circumstances have not altered, every debt featured in the DRO is written off. 

Let Debt.org.uk help you write off unaffordable debts today.

Debt.org.uk - Your dedicated personal debt help advisor


Practical budgets calculated and solutions advised for you.

We will assist you in building a practical budget, depending on your monthly income and expenses – even if this fluctuates. There are no misplaced bills or filling in of forms, just a straightforward calculation of what you can pay towards your debts each month.


Gain mental clarity and weigh up your choices.

If you struggle to repay your debts on the deadlines agreed, we will ask your creditors to give you a thirty day grace period. This allows you the time to take stock, gather your thoughts, and determine the best way to deal with the situation.


Support and assistance throughout the entire process.

Our knowledgeable debt councillors will consult with you, to suggest the most practical and cost effective strategy for your finances. You control everything, however – whatever strategy you opt for – we will pull out all the stops to help you accomplish it.


We were not kidding when we said we would pull out all the stops to help you succeed.

We provide all our clients with financial education, to help them implement minor changes that result in big savings over time. Our customized guidance, unrivaled cash saving methods, and visionary approach will allow you to make repayments, put money aside, and transform your financial situation.


Debt.org.uk aims to get you back on your feet with your debts.

Together, we will devise a precise budget, free of charge and work with you to calculate an realistic affordable repayment amount that won’t break the bank.

After this, based on your budget, we offer you free financial advice and develop a strategy to reach your goals. A strategy that is customized to your particular circumstances.

Once you are satisfied, we will start off by getting in touch with your creditors on your behalf, arranging affordable debt repayments, and coaching and supporting you to remain on course.

We help thousands of people each month…

Find the people you owe money to
Lower monthly repayments
Write off unaffordable debts
Stop pressure from creditors

Dont feel alone in debt. There are thousands of people in similar situations.

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Whether you can access the aforementioned debt services depends on your circumstances, and whether you reside in Wales, England, Scotland or Northern Ireland.

If you want to devise a budget and receive customized debt guidance, apply online today.